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Rinko Udea

Title: Hadashide Bara o Fume
Author: Rinko Udea
Magazine: Magaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: Sumi Kitamura is the second eldest in a parentless family of six.  One day after her older brother leaves town, her younger brothers and sisters are taken away.  The only way for her to get them back is to make a lot of money fast.  On her quest to find money, a man offers to give her the money if she marries him...
Scanlation group: Starry-Heaven


Yuuya Asahina

Title: Love Luck
Author: Yuuya Asahina
Magazine: Magaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: coming soon
Scanlation group: http://starry-heaven.holy-grail.us/ 


Crimson Hero

Title:  Crimson Hero
Author:  Mitsuba Takanashi
Language:  Japanese
Magazine: Betsuma Magaretto
Summary: Nobara Sumiyoshi is not the typical high school girl, she just wants to play volleyball.  She decides to go to a high school with a strong volleyball team, only to find out the girl's volleyball team had been disbanded.  This story follows Nobara as she builds a volleyball team and falls in love for the first time. 

Nagamu Nanaji

Title: Koibana!
Author: Nagamu Nanji
Magaine: Maugaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: The story is about Hanabi, a girl who is REALLY does not like boys.  She is just a LITTLE bit scared of them.  This year her school has become co-ed.  See what happens when she meets the cutest boy in her grade...

Scanlation group: Shoujo Love 

Title: Parfait Tic
Author: Nagamu Nanji
Magaine: Maugaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: A girl falls in love with a boy who doesn't understand what it means to like someone, so he rejects her.  She gives up and starts to fall in love with his cousin, but the boy starts to like her now..

Aya Nakahara

Title: Tokimeki Gakoen Oujigumi
Author: Aya Nakahara
Magazine: Magaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: coming soon

Mayu Shinjo

Title: Middonaito Chirudoren
Author: Mayu Shinjo
Language: Japanese
Magazine: Betsuma Magaretto
Summary: The heroine is found lying unconcious in the middle of the road.  A couple of boys take her home and try to help her.  When she wakes up, she has no memory of who she is.  The boys who brought her home end up being part of a famous band.  Follow the herione on her journey to remember who she was... 

Miyoshi Toumori

Title: Akuma to Rabu Songu
Author: Miyoshi Toumori
Magazine: Magaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: Kawai is a teenage girl with a little bit of chip on her shoulder.  So when she transfers to a new school, is it no wonder she doesn't make friends off the bat.  Follow Kawai as she makes her way through school...
Scanlation group: Serenus Dreamers 

Noriko Ootani

Title: Urashima Ryuuguuemaki
Author: Noriko Ootani
Magazine: Magaretto
Language: Japanese
Summary: Shiono was swimming in the sea one day, when a strange man grabbed her ankle.  This is no ordinary man.  He canges into a boy and then a teenage boy.  Just what she needs when she is trying to win the love of her school mate...
Scanlation group: none yet

Megumi Haduki

Title: Ojousama wa Oyomesama
Author: Megumi Haduki
Language: Japanese
Summary:  Ever since she was little, Towako, was told she would marry Yuuga at the age of 18.  Only he doesn't know about the arrangement.  Follow Towako's journey as a new wife...
Scanlation group: Shoujo Love and Starry Heaven

Natsuki Takaya

Title: Hoshi no Utau
Author: Natsuki Takaya
Language: Japanese
Magazine: Hana to Yume
Summary:  This is the new story by the mangaka who gave us Fruits Basket.  The story is about Sakuya, a normal teenager.  On her 18th birthday, she meets Chihiro.  There is something familiar...
Scanlation group: http://conan-magic.com/hoshi/